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Cremation as an end-of-life service is becoming an increasingly popular choice. While the decision is always a personal one, it is often times discussed with family and loved ones as well. Cremation provides many options for your loved ones as well with regards to memorialization, which can sometimes make your final wishes a bit confusing to finalize. is here to help. Just fill out the form above to receive a free, no-obligation guide on cremation. This information can help inform you and your family on all the options available to you.

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Life is filled with precious moments, and planning for your end-of-life wishes is an act of love and consideration for those you cherish the most. Take control of your future and ensure your wishes are honored with our pre-planning services. Call or stop in today for complete details.

Types of Cremation Services

Generally speaking, there are three types of cremation services. Deciding which one is best for you and your family is ultimately a personal choice.

  • Memorial Service: A memorial service is very similar to a funeral service. The main difference being that the deceased is not present at a memorial service. Instead, the cremation occurs just a few days after death, and an urn is instead usually present at the memorial service. The service may feature religious readings and/or stories about the deceased. It is often times held at a funeral home or place of worship.

  • Funeral Service with Viewing Followed by a Cremation: A typical funeral service in which the body is displayed is sometimes held prior to the cremation. This service allows loved ones to hold a viewing of the body, followed by a typical service involving readings and a eulogy. After the service, the cremation occurs.

  • Immediate Cremation: This basic type of cremation service usually occurs within just a few days of death. The body is quickly cremated and remains are returned to the family without any type of service.

Memorialization After Cremation

Following the cremation service, it is important to think about what your loved ones will do with your remains. There are many options other than leaving your ashes in a decorative urn. While some desire to have their ashes scattered somewhere with meaning, placing the remains in a cemetery is a popular option as well. This also gives your loved ones a dedicated place to come and visit, reflect and remember.

Scattering gardens are one option, as well as permanent placing in what is called a Columbarium. This is a structure that can house cremated remains in urns in compartments known as niches.

Like the majority of end-of-life services, Columbariums are built in many different shapes and sizes. One option at many of our locations is a horizontal-style Columbarium. Click on the video to see more!

a gravestone with flowers in front of it

Community Cremation Spaces

These Columbariums are a tranquil option for memorializing after cremation. Spaces within a Columbarium, such as this Octagon-style build featured to the side here, can be purchased ahead of usage through advance planning, at the time of need if space is still available or for those already cremated without a permanent place for memorialization.

Find and contact one of our locations today and one of our Family Service Counselors can guide you through all of your cremation options.

Octagon Columbarium