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What is Cremation?

Cremation is a method of final disposition that allows for the peaceful transformation of physical bodies into cremated remains, often referred to as ashes — preserving a loved one's memory while providing a profound sense of closure and simplicity. Often accompanied by a meaningful ceremony, it provides solace to those left behind, offering a tender means to honor and cherish the departed.

There are several memorization options for cremation. Many people choose to keep cremated remains in an urn and place them in special spots like a mantle in a home, an urn garden, a columbarium or a cremation niche in a mausoleum. Others choose to scatter remains in a cemetery scattering garden, at sea, or other permitted places with special meanings. There are cremation burial options as well, including the common Catholic practice of burying an urn within a coffin at a gravesite.

Cremation service costs tend to be less expensive compared to other burial options. This is especially true for prepaid cremation plans that lock in the cost of services at today's prices, avoiding future inflation and rising costs in the funeral industry.

Prepaid Cremation Plans

A prepaid cremation plan is a financial arrangement that allows you to pay for cremation service costs in advance. Memorial Planning offers these plans, as do many other funeral homes and cemeteries. By prepaying for cremation services, you can secure the cost of today's prices, protecting against future increases.

Prepaid cremation plans provide peace of mind to individuals and their families, as it ensures the financial burden of cremation service costs are already taken care of, and it simplifies the process for surviving loved ones during a difficult time. It also allows individuals to specify their exact preferences regarding the cremation process, memorial services, and the disposition of cremation remains, ensuring their wishes are carried out as intended.

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an urn columbarium in a cemetery

Types of Cremation Services

    Generally, there are three types of cremation services. Deciding which one is best for you and your family is ultimately a personal choice.

    1. Traditional Cremation

    Traditional cremations involve a funeral service before cremation occurs. This service allows loved ones to hold a viewing of the body, typically followed by a service with readings and a eulogy. Traditional cremations can be more expensive, since they involve embalming and casket purchase or rental costs.

    2. Memorial Cremation

    In a memorial cremation, the body is not present during the service, as cremation takes place shortly after death, eliminating the need for immediate scheduling. The memorial service typically centers around the cremation urn and photos of the deceased. Memorial cremations don't incur the costs of embalming and caskets.

    3. Direct Cremation

    This basic type of cremation service usually occurs within just a few days of death. In direct cremations, there is no type of service afterward. This is the least expensive option since it does not involve embalming, caskets, or funeral services.

Requirements of Final Resting Places After Cremation

Grave Site Requirements

  • Burial Plot - The spot where a body is laid to rest in the ground.
  • Burial Vault - The concrete outer enclosure that houses the casket.
  • Opening-and-Closing - The preparation of a gravesite for burial service that consists of ground opening, closing (back-filling), and landscaping (to restore the gravesite's appearance).

Mausoleum or Columbarium Requirements

  • Niche Opening-and-Closing - Opening the niche and then closing it after placement of the cremation urn.

Memorialization Options After Cremation

There are many memorialization choices to consider when opting for cremation. All options allow loved ones to honor and remember the deceased in meaningful ways. Common choices include:

  • Decorative Urn: Placing the cremated remains in an urn located in a special space provides a lasting and dignified resting place.
  • Scattering: Cremated remains can be scattered in a designated cemetery scattering garden or permitted location of personal significance.
  • Burials: Cremation burial options include burying an urn in a casket like a traditional burial in a cemetery or on private land.
  • Columbarium: Urns can be placed in a structure designed to house cremated remains in individual compartments known as niches. View an example of a horizontal-style columbarium available at many of our locations below.

Like the majority of end-of-life services, Columbariums are built in many different shapes and sizes. One option at many of our locations is a horizontal-style Columbarium. Click on the video to see more and contact one of our locations today. An expert can guide you through all your cremation options.

a columbarium with flowers in front of it

Community Cremation Spaces

These Columbariums are a tranquil option for memorializing after cremation. Spaces within a Columbarium, such as this Octagon-style build featured to the side here, can be purchased ahead of usage through advance planning, at the time of need if space is still available or for those already cremated without a permanent place for memorialization.

Find and contact one of our locations today and one of our Family Service Counselors can guide you through all of your cremation options.

Octagon Columbarium

Is Cremation Right For You?

Cremation may be the best option for you if:

Download a free, no-obligation burial planning guide now to get more information about the various types of cremation, lock in today's prices for cremation services, and have the peace of mind of knowing it's all taken care of.

  • You prefer a lower cost option
  • You prefer the idea of an above ground resting place
  • You want your remains to stay with your loved ones
  • You want your remains to rest in a special location outside of a cemetery.  
  • You like the idea of a scatter garden better than a typical cemetery location

Cremation Burial Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Average Cost of Cremation Services?

The average cost of direct cremation services is $650. This price is only for the cremation process and does not include the cost of an urn or memorial... read more

Is Cremation Accepted by All Religions?

Religions have different perspectives regarding cremation. For instance, Catholicism previously did not support cremation, but it is now accepted. However,... read more

Is a Casket Necessary for Cremation?

No, a casket is not necessary for a direct cremation. However, during the cremation process, the body will likely need to be placed in a combustible... read more

How Deep is a Cremation Grave?

The cremation urn should be placed at least 6 inches below the surface. So, for example, if the urn is 10 inches tall, the cremation grave should be 16... read more

Does Embalming Occur with Cremation?

If it is a direct cremation, embalming is not necessary. However, if there is a viewing prior to cremation, usually an embalming is highly recommended.... read more

Is it Legal to Scatter Ashes?

The answer ultimately depends on where you are scattering ashes. Places you can scatter remains include scattering gardens that are specifically designed... read more

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If you think planning a cremation service is the right memorialization option for you, download a free, no-obligation burial planning guide now to get more information about the various types of cremation, lock in today's prices for cremation services, and have the peace of mind of knowing it's all taken care of.

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