Cemeteries in the Milwaukee, WI Region 

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, and it is surrounded by Racine, both of which feature beautiful cemeteries. For individuals who need to arrange a funeral or want to prepare ahead, below is a list of Milwaukee cemeteries worth considering. 

Choosing a Cemetery in or Near Milwaukee

With many cemeteries in or around Milwaukee and Racine, WI, MemorialPlanning.com makes it easy to arrange your burial now and lock in today's pricing. Although it may seem unusual to some, advance planning your burial or funeral provides a number of perks that are making it increasingly prevalent. You can save money by paying now rather than waiting years or even decades for inflation to make the same products and services more expensive. You also relieve your family of the added stress of organizing a funeral and trying to determine during their time of grief what you would have wanted. Finally, arranging your funeral now allows you to choose how you want to tell your life's story, ensuring your wishes are carried out for how you will be remembered and honored.

Choose a cemetery in the Milwaukee region from the list below to receive a free, no-obligation planning guide if you're interested in understanding more about funeral preparation beforehand - or if you need to arrange for a loved one now.

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

4001 Suitland Rd
Suitland, MD 20746
Valhalla Memorial Park

Valhalla Memorial Park

5402 N. 91st St
Milwaukee, WI 53225

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