4 Reasons Why You Should Plan In Advance

Arranging your funeral in advance has many benefits. Whether it is for your own peace of mind or to remove the burden from your loved ones, taking care of all your arrangements ahead of time just makes sense.

Here are four reasons as to why you should plan your funeral in advance, or click below to find a cemetery in your area.

Take Control of Your Wishes

Plan ahead now so there is no guessing later

Financial Benefit

Planning ahead enables you to make financial arrangements to cover your burial costs. You lock in costs at today's rates, payment terms are flexible, and you avoid tying up financial instruments such as life insurance and trusts later. When included as a part of a sound retirement or long-term care package, advance planning of your burial arrangements makes sense and ensures you have control of your financial road map.

Arrangements May Be Harder to Do Later

Later on in life, if you (or your spouse) are faced with an unexpected and difficult health or well-being circumstance, the last things you'll want to focus on are arrangements and preparation for end of life services. In our consultations with individuals facing day-to-day challenges, we frequently hear and empathize with their wish that they had planned certain things sooner so they could focus on improving their health and quality of life.

Tell Your Story, Your Way

One of the things that we as people value above all others is the legacy and memories we leave behind for others to remember us by. If you have specific preferences for the disposition of your remains and the nature of your memorial services, you can clearly express them in your burial plan. You may have a preference for burial or cremation, the epitaph on your headstone, or the music and readings at your service. Plus, when you plan your burial, you get to make special requests of certain people, can ensure that certain religious rites are performed, and can request that special family traditions are carried out. Our families have appreciated the ability to have their final services planned so they are the authors of the story it tells.

Take the Burden Off Your Loved Ones

Don't let your final arrangements cause additional stress and grief

If you've experienced a loss, you know the emotional struggles you faced. Save your family from this by planning these decisions now, and give yourself peace of mind that your wishes will be fulfilled. One of the greatest statements of gratitude we hear from the family members of those who planned in advance is they are so thankful they can focus on recalling cherished memories, rather than orchestrating burial details.

There are around 67 things to do when planning a burial at the time of need, and that list could grow at any time. When a family has just experienced a loss, they are often overwhelmed with grief. The added stress of trying to arrange a burial service in the days following a death can add to the situation and make it that much more difficult for your family. By taking control of final wishes, you can relieve your family of this burden. That means that instead of stressing over the arrangement process, your loved ones can spend time comforting one another and preparing to say goodbye.

Saving Today is Better than Waiting

One aspect of unexpected and unplanned burial services that can add to the stress and grief is the financial burden it puts upon the family that it may not be prepared to handle. And although your family will wish to arrange services in a manner that best honors your memory, cost inflation and financial concerns may dictate otherwise.

Prepare For Later By Planning Now

Don't let your final moments together be spent on making arrangements

Starting the Conversation

Talking to your parent or loved one about funeral planning might be one of the hardest conversations you'll ever have. Many people are inclined to simply avoid discussing their own wishes altogether, especially in midst of dealing with illness or family grief. But a talk about memorialization might also be one of the most important conversations you ever have. This discussion can provide peace of mind that, when the time comes, you're honoring their wishes in the way they would have wanted. For many people, not knowing how to start the discussion prevents them from taking the first step.

It's not an easy conversation to have, but it is one worth having.

Taking Control Reduces Anxiety

Advance Planning gives you and your loved one the opportunity to learn about the options available in a pressure-free environment and think through those decisions. This puts the family in full control and allows your loved one to select and specify the services that are meaningful to them. The free advance planning guide, a warm conversation with a counselor, and a helping hand through this process are steps you can take to eliminate the anxiety of funeral or cremation services, and take control of the precious moments you and your loved one have together.

Planning Ahead Makes Sense

You plan for a lot of things in life; your funeral arrangements should be no different

Whether it's the burial, funeral service or cremation options, more and more families tell us that advance planning is as essential and beneficial as other major decisions. It just makes sense that eliminating tomorrows anxiety by proactively creating plans today helps everyone enjoy the moments that matter most.

Having an end-of-life conversation is not easy, and is one of the most challenging realizations we must acknowledge. But after helping thousands of families just like yours, we consistently hear that planning early eliminates stress, worry, and financial burden. It has made sense and created peace of mind for so many people we have helped, and it is our desire to do the same for you and your family.

Why Plan Now?

  • Like most products and services, inflation happens over time causing the cost of the product or service to rise. The burial industry is no exception to this and one of the fastest rising expenses in the United States. When you prepay for a burial service, you are completing a contract that locks the price in.
  • Advance planning your funeral services is becoming increasingly common, as more people realize the value of including it as a part of overall long-term life event preparation. Not only will you relieve grieving friends and family of the burden of planning your service under stressful conditions, but you also get to guarantee that all your wishes are carried out, and that your life is celebrated the way you want.
  • When families are in immediate need, they can often be emotional and rush to make decisions quickly. This can often lead to regret and overspending, leaving them wishing that they had done something different. Advance burial planning does not require the same urgency to decide quickly. One of the benefits our families appreciate most is the ability to talk it over with their families. Doing this helps them plan a more meaningful service that includes the things surviving family members will need to cope with the grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one.
  • A funeral service or memorialization is an important event for a grieving family. Psychologically, it provides a sense of closure and enables the family to begin the healing process. Families benefit emotionally and socially by honoring the lives of their loved ones with a fitting ceremony or memorial service. It is difficult to make the burial service the best it can be when planning it in a short time.

Plan Your Story
And Earn Peace of Mind by Planning Your Burial Needs in Advance

Your funeral might be decades away, but planning your burial now relieves some of the future stress of your loved ones having to hurriedly make arrangements at high costs when the time eventually does come. Planning your story by arranging your funeral now gives your loved ones the chance to treasure the memories they shared with you, rather than worrying about the burden of funeral costs and expectations. It lets you set your legacy how you want to be remembered.

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