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Planning your funeral in advance ensures that your wishes are fulfilled, but many people are unsure of how to even start the process. This is why has put together a simple funeral planning checklist/guide for those who are planning a funeral.

You can browse the different elements needed for planning a funeral below, and you can also get a free funeral pre-planning information guide to learn more.

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Your funeral might be decades away, but planning your burial now relieves some of the future stress of your loved ones having to hurriedly make arrangements at high costs when the time eventually does come.

Planning your story with our free pre-planning funeral guide gives your loved ones the chance to treasure the memories they shared with you, rather than worrying about the burden of funeral costs and expectations. It lets you set your legacy how you want to be remembered.

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What to Expect in Your Pre-planned Funeral Checklist

Whether you're planning a funeral for a loved one or pre-planning a funeral for yourself, there are many different options available, making it easy to overlook something. Below is a general step-by-step funeral pre-planning guide overview to give you an idea of what decisions must be made:

1. Type of Burial: To start, you'll want to choose what type of burial you would prefer. Some of these burial options include

2. Funeral Services / Events: This category includes the actual ceremony that precedes the burial or cremation. For instance, would you prefer a memorial service followed by a graveside service, or a funeral service in your own home. Other options here include a wake prior to the funeral or a religious mourning event.

3. Burial Products: These products include casket vaults, flowers, an urn (if you choose cremation), and a headstone, among other products. This is also where you would choose specific options like the types of flowers, the engraved text on the headstone etc.

4. Choosing a Cemetery: Some already know the cemetery in which they wish to be buried, but if you're not sure, you can check out an online directory to find cemeteries in your area. If you prefer cremation, you may want to consider a scatter garden.

5. Personal Touches: This final category allows you to personalize your funeral and burial even further. This is where you choose music and/or hymns for your service, who will be delivering readings and what readings, who will be delivering eulogies, who will be pallbearers, etc.

Funeral Planning & Pre-Planning Resources

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