The Products and Services Needed
For Burial Planning


Why choosing now is important 

The most important part of pre-planning is purchasing your burial products and services.

When you take time to rationally select your preferred cemetery products, you can save money by locking-in today's prices, ensure your wishes are fulfilled, and free the ones you love from the burden of making difficult and expensive decisions while grieving.

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Simple Process to Choose Your Funeral Products Now

Funeral Caskets

This is what contains the deceased during any viewings as well as the burial itself.


Personal, decorative containers for cremation remains (ashes) that keep your memory alive.

Burial Plots

Ensure you are memorialized in the exact location you want by reserving your spot now.


This requirement of most cemeteries protects the casket while ensuring level footing for those paying their respects.


Also known as tombstones, these are upright granite memorials with personalized inscriptions.


This cemetery product is a flat bronze plaque installed on a granite stone base, indicating the name of the deceased, the date of birth and death, and any other personal information chosen to be inscribed.


This burial planning service denotes the process of locating the grave, laying out the boundaries, excavating, and filling the interment space.

Floral Tributes

Flower arrangements to demonstrate love and respect at the time of the burial service and for the grave site for years after.

Want to learn more about planning your story and saving money through burial planning?

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