Coffins and Caskets for Viewing and Burial

The Importance of a Funeral Casket

Funeral coffins and caskets are decorative boxes used to display and bury a deceased loved one. After a funeral service, it is lowered into a burial vault. For those planning a traditional burial, it's customary to select a casket while making final arrangements. There are many different types of caskets to choose from.

Additionally, a cremation urn can be placed into coffins and caskets and laid into the ground for generations of loved ones to be able to visit and remember. In most cemeteries, a body or urn cannot be buried without a casket.

To help with the planning process, offers pre-paid funeral caskets as an option. This allows you to select the casket you would want for yourself now, years or even decades into the future, and begin a payment plan now. Paying in today's dollars can save thousands in inflation costs, and also remove the burden from your family of trying to determine what you would have wanted.

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Funeral Caskets

An Investment 

In the United States, the average cost of a casket is between $2,000 and $5,000. However, the price of a casket can differ greatly from state to state. In many instances, you can see a range of prices starting as low as $600 to as high as $10,000 or even more for specialty caskets.

The cost is determined by the material used, such as wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic, bamboo, or wicker. The style of a casket also influences the price. The more ornate or modern design a casket has, the more expensive it tends to be. Some caskets come with features such as linings, pillows, and handles which can also increase the price.

We recommend contacting a cemetery near you to learn about specific casket and coffin costs in your area.

Funeral Casket

Why Pre-Pay for Your Funeral Casket?

Final arrangements can be quite expensive. When you consider not just the cost of a burial casket, but also the memorial service, burial plots, burial vaults, headstones, floral tributes, and everything else included in your funeral planning checklist - these expenses add up quickly. It's not uncommon for funerals to cost $10,000 or more.

In many cases, the price of a casket is one of the most expensive parts of a funeral. If you have concerns regarding the affordability of your funeral or want to avoid burdening your loved ones with picking your casket, buying your casket in advance is a great option.

At Memorial Planning, caskets can be purchased through a majority of our funeral homes or cemeteries near you. If cost is a concern, we can also advise on inexpensive burial options like cremation and other cemetery-related costs.

Choose your pre-paid funeral casket now. Download a free, no-obligation guide that includes more information about why to plan in advance and how to get started.

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