Elliott Brown-Service Funeral Home in Moulton, AL

15215 Court Street Moulton, AL 35650

Elliott Brown-Service Funeral Home in Moulton, AL

15215 Court Street
Moulton, AL 35650

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About Our Cemetery:

We at Elliott Brown-Service Funeral Home understand that the way you celebrate the life of your loved one should reflect the special person they represent. That's why you'll always find our experienced staff exceeding your expectations in helping you prepare.

There are many decisions to be made after losing a loved one, and the first is the selection of a funeral home. Consider Elliott Brown-Service Funeral Home to help honor your loved one. During these naturally difficult times, our expertise empowers you with the important information needed to plan a meaningful funeral, cremation, memorial, celebration of life, and/or burial service.

How to Get Started

Planning a memorial service can be draining, but the staff at Elliot Brown-Service Funeral Home helps you every step of the way. One of the first steps in planning a funeral is deciding between a burial or cremation. Additional options branch from that decision, such as having a casket burial in the ground, or placed above ground within a mausoleum. You can also decide to place cremated remains within an urn or scatter them in a scattering garden. Our staff is intimately familiar with this process and will ensure that all grieving families are well informed on all final disposition options.

Our funeral home can assist in planning or pre-planning:

  • Traditional funerals and burials

  • Traditional cremation services

  • Memorial, church, and graveside services

  • Caskets, urns, memorial markers or headstones, and other important products

  • Keepsake and remembrance jewelry

  • Personalized mementos

  • Online guestbooks

  • Photo tribute videos

  • Much more

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What is Burial Planning and Why Should You Consider It?

Burial planning involves arranging and even pre-paying your funeral now, decades in advance. There are numerous beneficial reasons to do this:

  • Pay today's costs instead of years and years of inflation
  • Set your legacy by ensuring your story is told your way
  • Spare your loved ones the added stress of guessing what you would want
  • Alleviate additional grief during your loved ones' time of loss

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