Funeral & Burial Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pay for a Burial or Funeral in Advance?

Yes, you can pay for a burial or funeral in advance. This is called a pre-paid burial plan or funeral plan. You can select the casket or urn, memorial or... read more

What is a Pre-paid Burial Plan?

A pre-paid burial is exactly what is sounds like: It is the pre-payment of burial costs prior to one's passing. This allows you to pay today's prices,... read more

Can You Pre-pay for a Cremation?

Yes, you can pre-pay for cremation just as you can with a traditional burial or mausoleum. There are different types of cremation services that you can... read more

How Much Does a Burial Crypt Cost?

The price of a lawn crypt burial will depend on several factors, but in general you can expect to pay less than you would for entombment in a mausoleum. For... read more

Is it Legal to Have a Natural Burial?

Yes, natural burials are legal in all 50 states. However, some rules and regulations may differ slightly, and not all cemeteries allow for natural burials.... read more

Can You Be Buried Above Ground?

Yes, you can be buried above ground, via three main options: above ground burial in a public community mausoleum, above ground burial in a lawn crypt, or... read more

Can You Buy a Cemetery Plot?

Yes, you can buy an available cemetery plot at any cemetery that still has availability. You can also pre-pay for a cemetery plot now, to lock in both the... read more

What is the Average Cost of a Cemetery Plot?

The average cost of a cemetery plot varies depending on the state in which you choose to be buried. To learn the average cost of a cemetery plot in your... read more

What is a Burial Plan?

A burial plan is a pre-paid, pre-arranged plan that includes your preference of: Burial option (above ground, in-ground, or cremation) Burial... read more

What Are the Advantages of Planning a Burial/Funeral in Advance?

There are multiple advantages to pre-planning your burial, the most common of which are: Cost savings (buying at today's prices versus years of... read more

What is the Difference Between a Wake and a Funeral?

A funeral service is a formal event where loved ones and friends say goodbye to someone who has passed away. A funeral, unlike a wake or viewing, typically... read more

What Are the Different Ways to Be Buried?

There are six different ways you can be buried: In-ground burial Above ground burial in a community mausoleum Above ground burial in a lawn... read more

Do You Have to Put a Casket in a Vault?

Yes, by law a casket is required for a vault burial. For more information about options, read What is a Burial Vault? read more