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Northern Virginia 

Because of its proximity to Washington DC, and the several historic sites throughout the area, cemeteries in Northern Virginia are rich in history. Whether it be Forest Lawn Cemetery in Richmond or Sunset Memorial Park in Chester, the cemeteries of Northern Virginia offer great beauty and charm.

Choosing a Cemetery in Northern Virginia

If you're interested in being buried at a cemetery in Northern Virginia, there are several advantages to planning your burial now. For one, you save your loved ones from having to plan your funeral during their time of grief. Additionally, you get to pay today's prices, rather than inflated costs several decades from now.

If you want to find out more about planning a burial, or simply want to see cemeteries in Northern Virginia, browse our list below.

Greenwood Memorial Gardens

Greenwood Memorial Gardens

12609 Patterson Avenue
Richmond, VA 23238
Southlawn Memorial Park

Southlawn Memorial Park

1911 Birdsong Rd
South Prince George, VA 23805
Forest Lawn Cemetery Richmond

Forest Lawn Cemetery Richmond

4000 Pilots Ln
Richmond, VA 23222
Sunset Memorial Park Chester

Sunset Memorial Park Chester

2901 West Hundred Road
Chester, VA 23831

Want a Free Tool to Help Plan a Funeral?

As there are many decisions to be made, planning a funeral in Northern Virginia can be difficult. This is why has put together a free downloadable checklist, available to all VA residents. This checklist can help simplify the funeral planning process. The checklist includes noting funeral service preferences, selecting a burial option, and suggestions for how to make it personal. If you would like advice and help on planning a funeral in Northern Virginia, complete this brief form now to receive your free tool.

Request a Free Funeral Planning Checklist 

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